About Hamptons Auto Leasing

Hamptons Auto Leasing brings car leasing services on an exclusive internet platform. If you are wondering if this is a common practice, it’s not. We do not have a physical dealership so if you were thinking about dropping by to find out what we can offer, you can simply lounge at home, browse through our website and find out. Hamptons Auto Leasing is a unique leasing company that stands apart from the rest. As much as it sounds like a cliché, we have incorporated services and practices that make us in fact very much different from the competition. From relaxed auto leasing policies to customizable car lease structures, we can’t figure which reason makes our customers stay with us for the long term. If there is something that annoys you about the car leasing industry, there’s a good chance we have looked into it and found a solution. To learn more, read on for a brief overview or call us on 845-818-2900 for a detailed discussion on any queries you might have.

Lowest car leasing prices in The Hamptons

The first aspect we looked into were auto leasing prices. A frequent issue that lessees tend to speak of is the actual value of a car lease. While it is certain that it makes things easy on the wallet (or bank), many people question the long term value of a car lease and most find that essentially, a car lease can be more expensive. In theory, the model is excellent. You pay based on the depreciation value which means you pay exactly what you would lose in the form of depreciation if you were to buy the car. In reality, it gets a little different as the car leasing company has to incorporate costs, profits and taxes on the monthly leasing price making it less worthwhile.
Hamptons Auto Leasing sorted this gaping problem in the industry by introducing an exclusive online car dealership. By leveraging the low costs of the internet, we have been able to bring the concept to new heights by offering prices that makes auto leasing the most worthwhile method of paying for a car. By working with Hamptons Auto Leasing, even if you can afford to buy a car in a heartbeat, it would make more sense to lease your car. This is why we have plenty of affluent customers who prefer our auto leasing service as it saves them the annoyance of dealing with depreciation and reselling the car when they want an upgrade.

Largest vehicle inventory

This is an issue not just in the car leasing industry but the automotive industry in general. Most car dealerships only work with a select few brands. Due to this customers are left with driving around town looking for various dealerships to find their favorite brand. Even so, they don’t get the information they need as each dealership is biased toward the brand they promote and don’t give you the real picture. At Hamptons Auto Leasing, we bring the best brands in one place and allow you to look into every detail and figure out the best possible option. Best of all, you’ll have a car expert to assist you through the entire process.
Our benefits are not just limited to the above; there are plenty of other areas that we have fine-tuned which you can learn more about by contacting us on 845-818-2900. We look forward to hearing from you.