Acura Leasing in the Hamptons

Acura is a luxury car manufacturer owned by Honda. With its experience and success in the industry, Honda was the first brand to develop the strategy of a separate luxury brand after which competing automobile manufacturers followed suit. As a luxury car manufacturer, the company looks to combine above average comfort and above average luxury. Acura has managed to accomplish this quite well. The company specifically focuses on unique design and innovative technology. By utilizing Honda’s unique technologies such as the Super Handling All-Wheel Drive in their cars, Acura has managed to gain some significant traction over the years in the American market.
Acura focuses on sedans and SUVs and they are also looking to revive the popular NSX sports car coupe next year. Their vehicles typically feature either four wheel drive or all-wheel drive. Our available Acura models include the ILX Hybrid Sedan, ILX Sedan, MDX SUV, NSX Coupe, RDX SUV, RLX Hybrid, RLX Sedan, TL Sedan, TLX Sedan, TSX Sport Wagon and TSX Sedan.
If you have admired the reliability and brand recognition of Honda but prefer a higher level of luxury, Acura brings the perfect infusion with all their models. Speak to our Acura car experts and find out what model will suit you. Call us today on 845-818-2900.

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Financing plans for your Acura

While we are primarily in the car leasing sector, we look to provide affordable solutions in any way we can. This involves combining the services of a financial provider to offer additional monetary benefits to our customer. While an auto lease alone can significantly help maintain a car, sometimes the monthly price of auto leasing deals can be a little difficult to manage depending on your cash flow. If you are considering an Acura but feel that you are still out of the price range on top of our special discounts, you can consider the services of a car financier. At Hamptons Auto Leasing, we are affiliated with some of the top financial institutions in the region to bring car finances that are as attractive as our car leasing specials.
If you are looking into financing your vehicle apart from the lease, we strongly advise acquiring a quote from us as we are confident that we can provide an interest rate that you won’t be able to match elsewhere. By combining our low priced car leases with an easily manageable finance, you should be able to own your favorite luxury Acura at a fraction of the price! To discuss the full terms of our car financing affiliations and to learn more about what we can offer, call us on 845-818-2900.

Get in touch with us

While we have established a system that allows a simple lease sign up process with the use of our streamlined web interface, we strongly suggest that you call us for a quick chat on your decision before you proceed. Our customers constantly express gratitude as we point out certain aspects that could cost them money or result in them making the wrong decision as it is quite common to miss out on certain important practical aspects when choosing a car. Call us today on 845-818-2900.