Why Choose Hamptons Auto Leasing

With the innumerable options available of owning a car, it takes a great company to stand apart from the rest. From the customer’s point of view, not only do they have the option of selecting among auto leasing dealerships, but if they are considering different methods of payment; they can look into a loan and buying a car outright from either an official car dealership or used car dealership. Hamptons Auto Leasing was not just created to stand apart but to resolve a number of issues that the auto industry experiences. Owning a car is a necessity and while efforts have been made in the automotive industry to make vehicles more accessible, they come at a steep price. Loans have exorbitant interest rates and car leases can have a high margin on top of the price you pay for the depreciation of the vehicle. At Hamptons Auto Leasing, we have not only brought down prices but addressed a number of popular issues that we have seen lessees face. As lessees ourselves, we understand that while it is a great concept it can be flawed in certain ways. Let’s look at how Hamptons Auto Leasing addresses common issues.

Discounted car leasing rates

Our main feature is the fact that our auto leases are priced at a much lower rate than our competition. This does not limit to a particular vehicle brand or price point but to all vehicles we offer (and we have the largest inventory of vehicles available). By working with us, you can save a significant amount on your auto lease. We have had customers who were about to acquire financing for their auto lease with another provider only to find that they can afford a lease with our car leasing agency without the hassle of acquiring a loan. To get a quote or learn more, contact us on 845-818-2900.

Early lease termination

This is a major issue in the auto leasing industry. While a car lease is a contract for a pre-determined period, there is no solution for someone looking to get out of their lease even for unavoidable reasons without paying a hefty compensation. While it safeguards the auto leasing business, it also leaves the lessee in dire straits. By adopting our online leasing model, we have the opportunity to offer concessionary terms on getting out of your lease early without breaking your bank. While you may be confident that you won’t have to cancel your lease early, it helps to have some assurance that there is a way out, should the need arise.

Lease return policies

Lease returns can lead to frequent discrepancies due to the vague nature of how vehicles are assessed and compensation requested. Customers and auto leasing agencies tend to disagree on what they consider to be excessive wear and tear. With our straightforward approach and transparent policies, we ensure that the return of a lease is successfully transacted without any arguments or disputes.
To learn more about our policies or to get started with your auto lease, call us on 845-818-2900.