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Mitsubishi Motors is a Japanese auto manufacturer focusing on affordable sedans, SUVs and even an electric car. Despite being a Japanese brand, all Mitsubishi’s operations in the United States are completely localized including its own manufacturing plants, research and development labs and administration offices. The company has a separate registered business entity in the United States to carry out operations in the country. Mitsubishi tends to follow the brand principle of being different or “finding your own lane”. While Mitsubishi is not among the most popular brands in the United States, the company is moving an increasingly large amount of inventory over the years and is set to be a serious contender as time progresses. Its growing interest stems from the quality of their products.
Currently, Mitsubishi offers a limited number of sedans, SUVs and compact cars. Their options include the Lancer sedan, the Lancer Evolution sedan, the Outlander SUV and Outlander Sport SUV. If you are interested in a compact, fuel efficient option, you can go for the Mirage or the electric I-MIEV. Mitsubishi uses a special all-wheel drive technology grown in their own labs which they utilize for their vehicles. The company also has other technologically advanced features such as the MIVEC engine technology and Invecs Adaptive Shift Control Technology. If you want to experience the technology and drivability that Mitsubishi brings to the table, we would be glad to arrange a test drive at your convenience. Call us on 845-818-2900 for more information.

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Financing your Mitsubishi

While Mitsubishi offers low cost vehicles, it does not mean you have to pass up on an opportunity to make your payments at a much lower rate. Auto leasing is a good first step to reduce your monthly financial investment. Working with Hamptons Auto Leasing takes it one level further by offering significantly lower rates in comparison to what the market has to offer. You can gain an even better deal by looking for a financier. It is important to understand that utilizing the services of a car financier means more money spent in the long run. However, if you prefer to pay a slightly higher price in order to spend less on a monthly basis, a finance can be an excellent way to accomplish this. We strongly suggest holding off acquisition of a finance until you are sure that you are getting the best possible deal. The financing industry can greatly vary in terms of interest rates and terms and with adequate research, you should be able to get a very attractive interest rate. This can take time which is where Hamptons Auto Leasing comes in. By entrusting us with the responsibility of finding the right lease, you can be sure that you will be getting a financing deal that you won’t find anywhere else in the Hamptons.

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Whether you would like to learn more about what Mitsubishi has to offer or need help with financing your car, or even if you are ready to sign up and need some assistance with the process, you can speak to our auto leasing specialists and you’ll be on your way. Cal us today on 845-818-2900.