Lexus leasing in the Hamptons

On the surface, Lexus appears to just be a brand that offers unparalleled luxury vehicles and is among the top choices based on consumer reviews and automobile awards that it has received. While this is a highly commendable feat in itself, Lexus has made great breakthroughs in the field of environmental responsibility and philanthropy. The company’s entire design and manufacture process is built with the environment in mind utilizing biodegradable components such as castor seeds and bamboo in their vehicles. Lexus operates a philanthropic project aimed at the betterment of children by donating to a number of children based charities.
Lexus began about the same time parent company Toyota’s competitors Honda and Nissan also launched their luxury brands. While not being the first to start off, they have managed to gain enough traction to become the best. While some of the brand loyal customers in the luxury market swear by their European alternatives; it is clear that according to the general consensus and the awards and accolades it has achieved, Lexus is currently leading the race in the luxury car market. The Lexus brand focuses on passenger sedans and SUVs as well as a series of sports models. They also have limited runs of certain models such as the LFA super car which was only sold to 500 lucky buyers.
The current available models include the CT 200h Hatchback, ES 300h Sedan, ES 350 Sedan, GS 350 Sedan, GS 450h Sedan, GS F Sedan, GX 460 SUV, IS 250 C Convertible, IS 250 Sedan, IS 350 C Convertible, IS 350 Sedan, IS F Sedan, LS 460 Sedan, LS 600h L Sedan, LX 570 SUV, NX 200t SUV, NX 300h SUV, RC 350 Coupe, RC F Coupe, RX 350 SUV and RX 450h SUV.
If you are in the market for a luxury vehicle, a Lexus would certainly make a great addition to your driveway. To top it all off, all Lexus vehicles are equipped with a modern, sleek design. To learn more, contact us on 845-818-2900.

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Getting out of your Lexus lease early

No Lexus owner in their right mind would want to get out of a Lexus lease early out of dissatisfaction but there may be other pressing circumstances that force a Lexus user to get out of a lease before the contract period ends. Most car leasing companies are ruthless in these instances and have incorporated multiple limitations to prevent lessees from getting out of their lease early. While it may seem rather rigid, it is understandable from a company perspective as frequent lease cancellations would lead to unsustainability.
You do have the option of transferring your lease in most cases but this may take time and sometimes you may not have much of it. If you need a quick solution and need to get out of your lease early, get in touch with us. Even if you are not a lessee with Hamptons Auto Leasing, we’ll be happy to get you in touch with a lease buyer by broadcasting availability of your car through our publicity channels. If you are a lessee with us, you also have the option of simply terminating your Lexus lease as we only impose a small fee.
To learn more about leasing your next Lexus or what policies we work with, contact us on 845-818-2900.