Smart Leasing in the Hamptons

Smart is a specialized car offering mini-car products. Smarts were built with the idea of producing something elegant and urban while remaining minimalistic. Smart was developed by the famous Swatch watch making company in combination with Mercedes Benz. Since 2011, the company is a fully owned subsidiary of Mercedes Benz. It is important to note that while it is under the German Mercedes Benz, the company is managed by Mercedes Benz USA and is a product of the United States. Smart has gained traction due to its delightful size and ease of use in the busy streets of New York.
Customers of Smarts constantly tell us about the convenience of parking and getting through tight gaps in busy traffic. A major concern that customers tend to have prior to purchasing a Smart is safety. A quick look at the car may reveal that a crash could prove fatal. Despite this, you’ll be surprised to learn that Smarts perform quite well in crash tests thanks to its sturdy body that manages to stay intact even in the most dangerous collisions. Another concern is the lack of space. While it’s no full-sized sedan with a large boot, Smarts can accommodate two people comfortably and is ideal for inner-city driving. It is easy to guess that Smarts are not all-purpose vehicles but they are ideal if you are looking for a fuel efficient car to creep through traffic and get home at a faster pace on a busy work day evening. If you are interested in leasing a Smart, get in touch with us on 845-818-2900.

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Smart lease with Hamptons Auto Leasing

Smarts are inexpensive but considering the size of the car and its capabilities, you might expect the price tag to be a little lower. Nonetheless, following the purchase of a Smart, most customers are quite happy with the decision and consider it a bargain for the price. Since Smarts are usually bought as a second vehicle, it may be wise to opt for a lease rather than buying one outright. A Smart on a lease can amount to a rather negligible monthly debit, especially when you work with Hamptons Auto Leasing. While a lot of dealerships may offer Smarts on lease, you won’t find a deal quite like what Hamptons Auto Leasing has to offer anywhere.

Learn all about your Smart

Our car specialists are not simply employed to assist you with the leasing procedure. We have strict requirements for all our employees and require them to have a sound knowledge of the vehicles in our inventory. Considering the unique attributes of Smarts, we get plenty of questions from our customers and our car leasing experts are comprehensively versed on all aspects and features of the brand. Unlike visiting a Smart dealership, we are not going to give you a sugar coated picture of what your experience is going to be like. We always give our customers the low-down of any brand that they may be interested in purchasing as it benefits both parties; customers get an accurate picture and our company won’t have to deal with dissatisfaction and lease cancellations.
To get started with your Smart consultation, simply call Hamptons Auto Leasing on 845-818-2900 to find out everything you need to know about owning a Smart.