Infiniti Leasing in the Hamptons

Infiniti was launched a short while after Honda adapted the idea of developing a luxury line of cars after which Acura was born and about the same time Toyota launched its Lexus luxury line as well. Infiniti started as a project by Nissan to compete against the American and European luxury segment. The launch was a success and the company began to gain traction with its community based owners club and Ownership Experience service. Over time, Infiniti’s major selling point had been its quick adoption groundbreaking technologies in the field of safety and technology. Infiniti has always been among the first to introduce popular sensor based technology such as Lane Departure Warning, Lane Departure Prevention and Back-up Collision Intervention. While these features are now mostly standard in luxury vehicles, Infiniti set the trend by being among the first to introduce them to their models.
Infiniti’s current lineup is significant with options for every type of driver and car owner. Infiniti vehicles are built not just for comfort and luxury but emphasized on driving experience. Their SUVs are built with modern technology that provides it with traction and handling similar to an ordinary sedan. If you are interested in Infiniti, you get plenty to select from. Hamptons Auto Leasing brings a wide range of options; choose from the Q30 Hatchback, Q40 Sedan, Q50 Hybrid, Q50 Sedan, Q60 Convertible, Q60 Coupe, Q70 Hybrid, Q70 Sedan, QX30 SUV, QX50 SUV, QX60 Hybrid, QX60 SUV, QX70 SUV and QX80 SUV. Hamptons Auto Leasing only offers the latest models so if you are looking into an older Infiniti model, we won’t be able to assist you. We strongly recommend leasing a newer model because of the added value that comes with a lower rate of depreciation.
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Sales professionals in the know

Auto leasing companies that have a range of brands under their roof tend to only have preliminary knowledge of what they have on offer in comparison to a dealer exclusively working with a particular brand. At Bronx Car Leasing however, despite our large offering of brands, we have trained our staff to be experts and highly knowledgeable about all manufacturers. While the Infiniti is not the most popular seller or most common car on the road, our staff can give you ample information and feedback if you are in the market for an Infiniti. We are also happy to suggest alternative vehicle options if you are still undecided on your choice.

Returning your Infiniti lease

One of the few reasons that people tend to shy away from car leasing is because of the horror stories that come with auto leasing. We are not going to sugar coat it and say that it is a matter of misconception and merely the fault of the customer. In fact, a lot of the times, the customer makes a strong case as auto leasing agencies look to extract as much value financially from a customer during a lease return. At Hamptons Auto Leasing, we prefer to end things on a high note. We establish the procedure and what to expect during lease signing and mutually agree on paper and verbally on what restrictions are in place. Additionally, we offer a lot more to the customer in terms of usage and don’t impose strict restrictions. While this does certainly reduce our overall profitability, we continue to be sustainable because of our online business model and lower overheads.
You can be confident that on completion of your Infiniti lease, you will be satisfied with the transaction and return of your car.
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