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Honda has seen tremendous success in the American automobile market as well as everywhere else in the world. The company’s success stems from a passionate founding and dedication to growth. Honda is not just an automobile brand but has an extensive presence in the motor bike market as well. Many Americans tend to prefer competing brands like Ford and Chevrolet simply because these are homegrown products. The truth is that while Honda is of Japanese origin, Honda has established much of its processes in the country and has worked towards creating a number of jobs for the US market. Honda has production facilities in several states in the country and has invested billions of dollars in to the American economy.
If you invest in a Honda, not only do you get a reliable, affordable vehicle, you will also certainly be assisting the American economy in the process. Honda focuses on price conscious customers offering vehicles that have a low price tag but do well in terms of fuel economy and are not costly to maintain. Hondas are renowned for their durability and ability to take on hundreds of thousands of miles and still stand strong. Based on this, when you a lease a brand new Honda, it’s safe to assume that you won’t have to pay any unexpected trips to the garage. Honda’s available models include the Accord Hybrid Sedan, Accord Plug-In Hybrid Sedan, Accord Coupe, Accord Sedan, Civic Coupe, Civic Hatchback, Civic Hybrid, Civic Natural Gas, Civic Sedan, CR-V SUV, CR-Z Hatchback, Crosstour Hatchback, Fit EV Hatchback, Fit Hatchback, HR-V SUV, Insight Hatchback, Odyssey Minivan, Pilot SUV and Ridgeline Crew Cab.
Their cars vary from sedans to coupes to SUV options as well. You can also go for different trim levels if you are looking for a sporty version with higher performance. If you are geared towards more luxury options but still commend Honda as a brand, you might want to consider their Acura brand which brings Honda’s manufacturing and management on a luxury level.

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Great value for money

If you opt for a Honda, there is no doubt that you will get your money’s worth but with a Honda car lease, it gets even better. As you pay for the depreciation of your car and Hondas hold strong second hand value, you can be quite sure that the price you pay on your lease in relation to the actual price tag will be quite low. To give you an added financial incentive, Hamptons Auto Leasing brings a much more discounted price tag than what you’d find at any other car leasing company. To make matters even easier, you can also customize the structure of your lease and duration based on what you’re comfortable with paying.

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Our value for money doesn’t just end there. There are plenty more value additions that you will be entitled to when you lease your car with Hamptons Auto Leasing. To find out more on what we can do for you, contact us on 845-818-2900.