Mini Leasing in the Hamptons

Mini has evolved from the mini car segment in to more of a standard sized car after revival from BMW. Fortunately, the brand maintained the true essence of what Mini stood for; fun. Mini vehicles are typically known for this element and are equipped with a series of features to be able to accomplish this. Mini cars have special features to maximize handling and give you the impression of driving a go kart, and go karts are a whole lot of fun. Mini cars also have different modes which you can vary depending on what type of driver you are or what mood you’re in. Today, Mini is no longer just the bachelor car but can even be suitable for small families. Some of its technology includes special adaptive changes based on driver reactions to help maintain adequate steering even at high speeds. The steering wheel is electronically managed and the sensitivity is altered based on the nature of the turns that a driver makes. These little features that have been put together is what makes Mini a great driver’s car.
Mini’s options include coupes, roadsters and even a compact crossover option. Their current models include the Hardtop 2 door, Hardtop 4 door, Countryman, Paceman, the Cooper convertible and a Cooper Roadster. If you are looking for a different vehicle driving experience, a Mini should be your go to brand. Enjoy your drive on the roads of the Hamptons more than anyone else when you drive your Mini. Call us and we’ll be glad to set up an attractive lease for you. You can reach us on 845-818-2900.

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Returning your Mini lease

We’d like to warn you in advance that returning your Mini is going to be a day of sorrow for you, unless you choose to simply buy the car of course. Alternatively, you might prefer getting a hold of your emotions and trading up for the newer model. When returning your Mini lease with Hamptons Auto Leasing, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that the process can be much more hassle free, especially if you have worked with other auto leasing agencies before. You might be tempted to push your Mini to its limits especially because of how addicting this vehicle can be.
While this might be a bad idea if you have leased your Mini with another car leasing company, at Hamptons Auto Leasing, our limitations allow for maximum use of your car. Typically, pushing a leased car to its limits will most likely lead to some form of compensation after the final evaluation by your car leasing company. With Hamptons Auto Leasing, as long as you follow our instructions on proper care and maintenance of your Mini, you can be quite certain that we won’t be charging you with any compensation fees for wastage.

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To truly experience what Mini has to offer, we recommend a test drive. Call us today to arrange a test drive at a time of your convenience. We can also discuss the limitations, positives and negatives of the Mini you are interested in the process. Contact us on 845-818-2900.