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Land Rover is a brand focusing on off-road capabilities and comfort at the same time. The company was first designed after inspiration from Jeep and grew strength to strength from there. Today, Land Rover has infused luxury with a thrilling off-road experience. Land Rover vehicles are known to be able to get through the most uneven, dangerous terrain without an issue. In an essence, Jeep and Land Rover share some of the same traits but Land Rover has laid special emphasis on the interior by providing comfort on a luxury level. Land Rover models are also a lot more expensive in comparison to Jeep which focuses on affordable solutions. As a sister company of the prestigious Jaguar, the Jaguar Land Rover corporation is now led by Indian Tata Motors with operations in multiple locations in the world.
Land Rover has especially focused on technologically advanced features. Its InControl Remote for instance is capable of achieving an array of tasks; in the guise of a tablet like device, this electronic can accomplish a number of things including taking control of your Land Rover if required. Land Rover leverages cameras and lasers to automatically adapt to the conditions that it is put in. the Jaguar Land Rover corporation holds research facilities and tests across the harshest conditions making the vehicle ideal for use in any part of the world on any terrain. If you are interested in a true off-roading experience, Land Rover should certainly give you a good dose of satisfaction. Their models include the Discovery Sport SUV, LR2 SUV, LR4 SUV, Range Rover Evoque SUV, Range Rover Sport SUV and Range Rover SUV.
A large percentage of our Land Rover customers rarely utilize its tough capabilities and simply use it on the road instead. This is because while it may be equipped with all the features you could possibly want; their vehicles also make for an attractive, luxurious SUV that stands apart from the crowd. If you want to become part of the Land Rover community in the Hamptons, give us a call on 845-818-2900 to get started with your lease.

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If you are interested in a brand like Land Rover, it’s not your everyday sedan or SUV that offers the standard set of features you might expect. Land Rover is a luxury brand equipped with a host of options and technology that you may not even know existed yet. Despite availability of over 30 brands at our dealership, our car specialists are thorough with every model of every brand we offer. So whether you are sold on the Land Rover brand and just need to pick the right model or if you want to explore what the entire automotive world has to offer in this niche, our car leasing professionals can help you. We live and breathe cars and we can ensure that you will make the right decision.
Once you have the information you need, our self-explanatory, annotated website will take you through the process of lease sign up. It won’t take you more than a few minutes. Get started today or call us on 845-818-2900 for more information.