Lease transfers in The Hamptons

There are win-win situations and then there are lease transfers. A lease transfer can be an extremely beneficial process. A lease transfer involves three parties and benefits all three parties quite positively. A lease transfer is usually a result of a customer looking to get out of a lease early as they cannot honor the leasing agreement and complete the full term. For the lessee, the lease transfer allows them to cancel their contract without having to deal with the consequences. A small fee is usually what it would cost a lessee to get out of a leasing contract by the process of a lease transfer. For the car leasing company, they won’t lose profits even though the contract is terminated prematurely because another party will complete the remaining payments of the lease, and finally, the assuming lessee drives a well maintained car for a short period of time with no money down at a usually reasonable monthly price.
If you are looking to get out of a lease, we strongly recommend considering a lease transfer. Most people looking to get out of a lease early with an ordinary auto leasing company sit through the contract because they have no other choice. A lease cancellation would cost them a fortune and a transfer takes time and they would typically not have the time or resources to find a suitable lease buyer. If you are in such a situation, give us a call and our auto leasing term can initiate the process. We can utilize our resources and arrange for a transfer with a suitable lease buyer in a short period of time. This feature is available to anyone irrespective of which auto leasing company you work with. Be sure to speak to your auto leasing company first prior to getting in touch with us as some companies do not permit lease transfers. To learn more about this service, call us on 845-818-2900.

Assume a lease with Hamptons Auto Leasing

If you like the idea of a short term lease without having to invest in a down payment, then you are probably having the same mentality as everyone else; assuming a lease is a great idea and there’s no way you can prove otherwise. There are however, some aspects you need to look into before assuming a lease. If you are interested in assuming a lease, get in touch with us and let us know your requirement, we’ll be glad to put you through to any lease sellers. Depending on your requirement, the time to find the vehicle may vary. Sometimes, if you are overly specific, we may not be able to guarantee that we would be able to find a lease buyer, but with our reach and resources, we are your best shot.
When assuming a lease, it is important to perform adequate due diligence. The last thing you want is to have to pay for the damages and misuse of the previous owner when returning your lease. By working with Hamptons Auto Leasing, you don’t have to concern yourself with these aspects as we will do it for you.
To find out more about lease transfers, call us on 845-818-2900.