Lease returns in The Hamptons

A lease return is the process where the lease contract comes to an end and the vehicle is returned back to the auto leasing company after any dues by the lessee are paid back to the company. A lease return may sometimes be called a lease termination although a termination may sometimes be confused with an early cancellation of a lease contract. Lease returns are an important aspect of any auto lease contract as a lot of money may be at stake. The costs that customers generally have to pay include exceeding of the mileage limit and payment for excessive wear and tear. Wear and tear depends on a number of factors and can include things like tire, brake or engine wastage as well as other factors.
New lessees sometimes fall victim to certain auto leasing agencies that can be harsh with judging wear and tear and in turn slap hard compensation fees during lease returns. On other occasions, customers may not be well in tune with the limitations and are taken aback when they find they have to pay a rather hefty fee to restore the returned vehicle to a reasonable state. At Hamptons Auto Leasing, much thought has gone in to addressing the issues pertaining to lease returns to ensure the smooth transfer of ownership of the vehicle without causing disgruntled customers while also ensuring that we don’t undergo a heavy loss. With a few tweaks to our existing model and the way we carry out our service, we have been able to accomplish this quite successfully.
If you would like more information on how we handle lease returns, you can gain a brief insight by reading the rest of this page or contact us for more detailed information. Our support line is 845-818-2900.

Lease returns with Hamptons Auto Leasing

Our preparation for a lease return begins prior to signing of the lease. While this may be several years away, having a mutual understanding and proper guidelines is vital to ensuring that the lease return process is handled without a hitch. We have a detailed guide that helps our customers understand how we charge for any compensation. In addition, we verbally communicate these terms to ensure that our customers understand what they will be required to pay. We also provide detailed tips on maintenance and care depending on the vehicle model. Maintenance may differ based on brand and type of vehicle and we emphasize on these points during lease signing. By following our guidelines, we rarely experience cars returned to us in poor condition. In the rare instances where the vehicle is in worse than average condition, lessees are happy to pay the price because we do not overcharge them and also because we have clearly communicated all terms prior to the initiation of the lease.
Working with Hamptons Auto Leasing saves you money not just during the term of the lease but also during the lease return process. You can register for your lease today in a matter of minutes using our website or contact us on 845-818-2900 for more information.